Too many sexual orientation hate crimes go unreported, group believes

It’s time to stand up to hateand bullying.

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The number of reported hate crimes fell in Missouri in 2012 according to a new report from the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

But one group feels the number would be higher, if they didn’t go unreported by the victims.

The Kansas City Anti-Violence Project serves victims of violence and hate crimes in the Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transsexual community. According to the MSHP report, Jackson County had 64 total hate crimes reported in 2012. That’s more than half of the statewide total of 106.

Justin Shaw, executive director of the Kansas City Anti-Violence Project believes the ‘real’ hate crime numbers in the LGBT community would make the Jackson County number even higher.

“We know there’s a lot that’s reported to us that is not reported to police.” added Shaw.

Shaw says in 2012 the anti-violence project helped 26 people, but only a couple reported their crimes. He…

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BREAKING NEWS: There are racists on the internet

This is just sad…. People really have this much time and hate on thier hands.??

American Turban

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — After New York’s Nina Davuluri became the first Indian American to win the title of Miss America, racist tweets surfaced on Internet social media sites on Sunday, catching news outlets across the country by surprise.

“Was there a terrorist attack or something?” one dumbfounded news editor asked. “We have a black president and everything so I’m not sure where the hate came from after what’s-her-name won the pageant. If she was Arab or Muslim or something, then, sure. But she’s not, right?”

“If there are racists in our country out there on the internet, it’s news to me,” said another editor of a prominent news website, “but at least they’re just on the internet.”

The sudden appearance of racist tweets follows other incidents that occurred in the past year, including when Sikh American Gurpreet Singh Sarin was a contestant on last year’s American Idol

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Do You Have A RIGHT To Offend Me?

Hate Speech Is Not Free Speech


Something unpleasant this way comes, slouching toward Washington, D.C. to be born. If it reaches that far, it’s likely that both the Left and the Right will applaud its arrival; only freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution will suffer. It seems important to recall that not all freedoms contribute to everybody’s happiness.

For instance, a recent report described a university professor who tweeted, after the Navy Yard murders, to the effect that he hoped that the next such would involve the sons and daughters of NRA executives. When this was appreciated by a large enough sampling of Internet users to generate a rebound, the professor was put on indefinite suspension by his university. Conservative-leaning, pro-2nd Amendment folk seem pleased at this reaction.

There’s another story out there though: The police chief (and only full time officer in his small town) made internet videos of himself holding military type weapons and saying:…

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